How to Use a local Server

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How to Use a local Server

I wanted tu use Tactic on a French Movie Production but i had a problem with the checkout process (see my CHECK-OUT Issue message)
without answer, i begin to look at a commercial tool (ftrack) to ensure to have support in case of problem.
I saw in ftrack that it is possible to keep the production data (assets;movies ...) in a local server and tracking them from that place.
(The ftrack server is on the cloud but the data server is local to the production place - so big files are tracked but stay in the local server without taking all the bandwidth)
It was exactly the way i wanted to use tactic but i couldn't find how to do that in the documentation.
So i wonder (for future productions) if it is possible to do that with tactic.
Thanks for helping,


I have the same needs, so i made my custom checkin/checkout tool.
So you can make your tool, for your production needs, with great TACTIC Api.