Copying an sType?

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Copying an sType?

I created an sType for Project A. I then created Project B, and want to import or copy in that same sType.

In the Project Schema view, the sType list at the bottom shows the sType I created, but with a red dot under the Has Table column. Is there a way to create the table for Project B, and incidentally also a node in the schema diagram above?


The best way to export / import is to create a TACTIC Plugin.

The manifest would look something like this:

    <title>My Plugin</title>
  <search_type code="project/table" path="config/search_type.spt"/>

where you would need to change the code and path for your table.

Plugins are can export / import almost anything so they are well worth learning.

More info:




Thank you, remko.

For the lazy, the workaround involves creating a node with the exact same search type.