CHECKOUT ISSUE : applet is null

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CHECKOUT ISSUE : applet is null

I cant checkout in firefox (via the checkout column):
A checkout windows opens : "Checkin out Files" , "C:/spt/sandbox/..."
An then this error message "applet is null" 
Same result with the VMWare version and an Enteerprise version installed on ubuntu. Both 4.5.0.v01
On Edge, i have these errors:
- Object doesnt support property or method 'download'
- Object doesnt support property or method 'exists'
I use Java version 8 (111) and i made an exeption for the tactic url.
On the Firefox console, i have this message:
"Java applet is not enabled or updated: document.general_applet.exists is not a function"
In the Firefox Modules/Plugins, i have
Java(TM) Platform SE 8 U111   on "Always Activate"
Perhaps i need JAVA 7 ?
Or i miss something else ?
Thanks for helping,


HI Do some one have a solution for this, i'm facing the same problem with both firefox and chrome browsers. Applet null, when trying to checkout, but Checkin is working fine. Please advice.