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Talha Ahmed
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<TacticTemp>\Cache Directory

Tactic has been running for many months now in my workplace. Many GBs of data from checkins has now accumulated into the mentioned directory.
I am still unsure when does tactic use this directory. One understanding is that Tactic puts the files from deleted checkins into this directory however does not restore when the delete operation is undone. I have a few questions?

  1. Can somebody let me know at what stage does tactic use this directory (for writing and reading) and why it keeps on taking more and more space without cleanup?
  2. Is there any way to limit the amount of space taken up by this directory?
  3. What are the impllications of manually deleting content from tacticTemp\cache directory?

many thanks

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if its a view cache it will get as big as the thumnails you are viewing, i would "assume!" deleting would be ok if it is generating them for viewer cache and just re-gen when viewed again...however if its loading images and storing them in this location then deleting will be an issue and a backup advisable before testing.

--If its not in the computer, it dont exist!

Talha Ahmed
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I don't think that this is a viewer cache because it does not contain thumbnails, atleast not exclusively. These are mainly copies of some of the files from snapshots in storage.
But you are right that I could just try moving the files before deleting them just to test them out.

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The cache directory is where the files are stored if there are any check-ins. It's in the cache for undoing and redoing the transaction.. If you don't plan to undo the transaction. especially older files in the cache directory, they are safe to delete.  I don't think there is a way to limit the amount of space it takes.. You can just have a script  like a cron job to periodically remove 5 day or older files..  

Talha Ahmed
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Thank you for your answer. I will probably use a timed job to clean up.
However, like I said in undoing a 'delete snapshot' does not actually restore the files to their locations and results in 'Missing Files' problem.
This raises another question: What should happen to the versionless copy, when we delete a corresponding latest or current snapshot, and what should happen when we undo it.