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Hi, I'm currently trying to create a workflow for my project. Is sub-workflow possible? I saw inside Project workflows that there is this hierachy node, but found out that it is under development after some research about it. For example, I...

Expression help

Running this expression works:     @SOBJECT(sthpw/task) ----- This does not work:     @SOBJECT(prod/shot.sthpw/task) Result:     xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault 1: 'Search type [prod/shot] not registered...

My shot page

Hi , I am trying to view the dependency tasks that is available to the current shot , it only shows the tasks that are assigned to me , any one know how to fix this 

Forum configured for IP, not domain name

This forum sends email notifications for a site at This is not the same login domain as for the site at http://tacticopensource.com/community/

Museum Community Letter to Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Vendors

This text is taken from an article on the IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) blog. Date: 01 May 2017 FAO: DAM Software Vendors Museums around the world rely on Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software to track and...



4.3, 4.5 and 4.6 db query performance 2min vs 11min

Hi All, I was intended to upgrade our system from Tactic-4.3 to Tactic-4.6, then I noticed extreme performance impact in our client side tools due to the database query performance difference between the two versions, I made some intensive tests (on...

method exec_shell not found

Hi guys, I have a problem with method exec_shell. I created a test script in javascript that should run Maya with the file in the variable "file". When the script is execute, it always ends with an error "Object does not support property...

Task Edit

Hi, I need to know the path for priority script. As i am looking to change the value from integer to char. Thanks in advance

User Interface

Hello, I'm new to Tactic. I'm planning to use it in my studio for an animation project. I downloaded the Tactic VMware Image package. I try to create a project in my VMware Workstation.Everything is OK when I  log as admin.However,when...

disable advance search

any one have any idea as to how to disable the advance search button for selective users

Calendar Type

Hi. Is there any way to change calendar date format? I want to use Jalali Calendar instead of Tactic default calendar.

How to get active projects with python

How can I get a list with the active projects on Tactic server with Python API? We need only to get the names of the active projects. Are projects searchable objects in Tactic? Thanks.

Manage side bar

hi How to view the sidebar in end user? and also how to modify it

Issues with creating new projects

1) Workflows I have a set of site-wide workflows which should be used for all projects. However, when creating a new project from a template, tasks cannot be created unless I first save the workflow. I get this error: Process item [process_name]...

Interesting results running Tactic with pypy

Hi all, I did some quick tests with tactic + pypy and got some interesting results I'd like to share and discuss. I made a couple of trivial changes to make tactic work on pypy (see later) Remko would you like/accept a PR for these?...

transfer checkin with in task

I have two task in a shot with is comp and client, the artist keep checking in the mov's to the comp task , once its approved , is there any way to checkin the same movie to the client task,could some one help me go about this

Due Date messing up

I have few tasks in a shot , when ever i edit the due date of a shot the other tasks due date keeps changing to different dates for eg: task one start date is 14/02/2017 and end date is 25/02/2017 task two start date is 4/03/2017 and end date is...

Adding note to different process does not correctly refresh

Summary : When adding notes to a different process in the Shot page, Notes column does not correctly update. How to replicate: 1) In the Shot page, find one with existing notes (pic1). 2) Click on the note, change the process in the top left, and...

Incorrect date displayed in task_status_edit

In the Shot view, the task_status_edit column shows bid start and end dates that are one day earlier than what was actually set. This only happens to tasks where the dates have been edited; if the default start and due dates are left, they display...