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Details on TACTIC NoSQL Support

Hi Community, 

In keeping with the increasing popularity of NoSQL applications, TACTIC has been expanding its data abstraction layer to encompass a wider range of different data sources. TACTIC's abstraction layer is moving toward accommodating any data source that implements a common TACTIC interface, beginning with MongoDB.  

Read on for more information about TACTIC's NoSQL implementations. 

TACTIC v.4.1 and TACTIC on GitHub Now Available


Dear Community, 


We are excited to announce that TACTIC v.4.1 is now available! Notable features include a new drag-n'-drop ingestion widget, an internal messaging tool, Perforce and MongoDB integrations and a GitHub implementation. TACTIC code has also been deployed on GitHub for those coders serious about collaborating on the TACTIC open source code base.


Sneak Preview: TACTIC 4.1

Hi Community, 

TACTIC 4.1 is almost ready to launch! The Southpaw team is hard at work on  v.4.1 and we're including lots of cool new features. Read on for an exclusive SNEAK PREVIEW of what's in store for TACTIC users with 4.1!  


--> Ingestion widget: HTML5-based drag-and-drop that allows easy ingestion of hundreds of files in rapid sequence 

--> Asynchronous loading for a more responsive and faster UI 

--> New messaging and notifications system 

TACTIC 4.0.0.v02 Now Available

Hi Community, 
TACTIC v 4.0.0.v02 is now available for Enterprise, VMWare and Team! Major issues fixed include Windows server file check-in, Java applet interaction, better error handling of metadata revrieval, better support of unicode characters in eval and query used in Custom Layout, and finally improved display of Check-in History tab in teh Full Check-in Widget. Download it here: 
Version: 4.0.0.v02
Bug Fixes

TACTIC Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Hey Community, 
As some of you may already know, TACTIC has been available for some time now in the cloud on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.
We've gotten some really positive responses so far from cloud users, and also some comments about how we can improve. 
Do you use TACTIC in the cloud? We'd love to hear about you experience. Do we get an A+? Do we need improvement? Leave us a comment below... 

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