Community Updates

Check out this short article posted in the P4 Blog about the upcoming integration between Tactic and Perforce

Just want to clear the air on the difference between our Tactic Team and Tactic Enterprise Versions.  Overall, there is no difference in terms of usage and both have been released under the EPL Open Source license. The only difference is that Team is a simple, self contained install and Enterprise needs to be installed on a server running... more

We just uploaded a new video tutorial covering the basics of Project Automation.

There was a small issue with the download so, if you downloaded the v22 of the TACTIC Team installer this morning please download and simply run the installer again. Download Now

We are proud to announce that TACTIC 3.8 is now available under the EPL (Eclipse Public License).  We want everybody everywhere to use TACTIC and see where you can take it! 

To get started, please visit the Get Started page.

For more information on the Eclipse Public License... more

We have moved our past support community over to this new fancy and open TACTIC Community site.  We have opened up all of the Documentation, Tutorials, Forum Topics and more to the public.  We encourage you to sign-up for this new community as it allows you to post in the forums and to comment on content.   One note to exising support site... more

Reminder - Licenses Coincide with TACTIC Versions

Starting with TACTIC version 3.5.0.rc03, your software license needs to coincide with the major and minor release numbers of your version of TACTIC. For example:

  • upgrading from 3.5.0.v01 to 3.6.0.rc01 will require a new license.
  • upgrading from 3.5.0.v01... more